Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This week in Veronica's Closet....

Another Yo Gabba plaque...I NEVER get tired of creating these! (Hope Riley LOVES it Amber...thanks for shopping my Etsy store!)

I LOVE creating hair bow organizers too. They always turn out SO cute! This one is for a repeat customer of mine:) Thanks for being my biggest fan Lindsay!!

I just LOVE doing ladybug plaques. They always turn out SUPER cute. This one if for a friend of a friend....well I guess she can be my friend too;) I think it will go with sweet Lydia's pink and green ladybug's PERFECT! Here's her bedding....
AND her new plaque for her bedroom door:) Hope she loves it Kasey!!
AND last but not least....a set of my FAVORITE closet dividers was purchsed from my Etsy shop. Here are the "Owls & Trees" style. These are for a Momma out in Florida. She stopped by my Etsy shop a few days ago and purchased them. I swapped out te ribbons for her to match her room colors...and I think they look FABULOUS! ENJOY these Kristen...and good luck! Motherhood is QUITE the adventure!
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  1. Mara you are SO talented! Every item you make is unique and adorable! Thank you again! XO