Friday, August 20, 2010

Just a FEW orders;)

If you saw me walking down the street today, you would DEF know that I have been working hard in my studio. The hands and knees (and hair) full of paint is ALWAYS a dead give away on busy weeks! HAHA! I want to shar a few of the creations I have ready so far.

Scotty's room. Let me tell you a bit about little Scotty. Not only is HE CUTE, and has the BEST YIAYIA ever...he is ALSO Veronica's dance partner int he Greek festival. It's a match made in heaven if you ask me;) His Yiayia is BFF's with MY Yiayia...and as Yiayia's do...they SPOIN their granchildern ROTTEN! Scotty's faves are Brontosaurus and T-rex...but I just could't help myself and HAD to add a few other favotites as well. Hope you LOVE it SCOTTY!

OK. Sweet Tessa's plaque. THIS is a RE-ORDER...2 year old's slammingbedroom dorrs and door plaques DO NOT MIX;) This MOmma LOVED this plaque SO much...and was truly devasted when this happened at her house. She placed a re-order....and I am SO happy she did...because THAT means she LOVES Veronica's CLOSET!

This plaque is a gift ordered by one of my OOMG girlfriends:) EVERYTIME she wants a gift...she comes to me and I LOVE her for it. I love her STILL for making my crazy week even CRAZIER (haha). This is for her parent's motorhome. She wanted a "thank-you" because accordong to her, they are FANTASTIC. Hope you LOVE it, Mr. & Mrs Miskus!

This order is going ALL the way out to Nevada. :) These were purchased through my Etsy shop and created to go with a pink, brown and green polka dot and butterfly themed room:) I do this style a lot...and they are BY far my favorite girly dividers because they always turn out SO cute! Hope you LOVE them Ashley!

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