Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This week in Veronica's Closet....

Another Yo Gabba plaque...I NEVER get tired of creating these! (Hope Riley LOVES it Amber...thanks for shopping my Etsy store!)

I LOVE creating hair bow organizers too. They always turn out SO cute! This one is for a repeat customer of mine:) Thanks for being my biggest fan Lindsay!!

I just LOVE doing ladybug plaques. They always turn out SUPER cute. This one if for a friend of a friend....well I guess she can be my friend too;) I think it will go with sweet Lydia's pink and green ladybug's PERFECT! Here's her bedding....
AND her new plaque for her bedroom door:) Hope she loves it Kasey!!
AND last but not least....a set of my FAVORITE closet dividers was purchsed from my Etsy shop. Here are the "Owls & Trees" style. These are for a Momma out in Florida. She stopped by my Etsy shop a few days ago and purchased them. I swapped out te ribbons for her to match her room colors...and I think they look FABULOUS! ENJOY these Kristen...and good luck! Motherhood is QUITE the adventure!
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Monday, August 23, 2010

"I love KITTIES!"

This mom ordered from my Etsy store. We "talked" about what she wanted for her new baby-to-be's nursery. She loves kitties...and showed me this pic... her nursery inspiration! DON'T you just LOVE IT???

So I came up with these...I think they will compliment her style well. Aren't they too fun?
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Just a FEW orders;)

If you saw me walking down the street today, you would DEF know that I have been working hard in my studio. The hands and knees (and hair) full of paint is ALWAYS a dead give away on busy weeks! HAHA! I want to shar a few of the creations I have ready so far.

Scotty's room. Let me tell you a bit about little Scotty. Not only is HE CUTE, and has the BEST YIAYIA ever...he is ALSO Veronica's dance partner int he Greek festival. It's a match made in heaven if you ask me;) His Yiayia is BFF's with MY Yiayia...and as Yiayia's do...they SPOIN their granchildern ROTTEN! Scotty's faves are Brontosaurus and T-rex...but I just could't help myself and HAD to add a few other favotites as well. Hope you LOVE it SCOTTY!

OK. Sweet Tessa's plaque. THIS is a RE-ORDER...2 year old's slammingbedroom dorrs and door plaques DO NOT MIX;) This MOmma LOVED this plaque SO much...and was truly devasted when this happened at her house. She placed a re-order....and I am SO happy she did...because THAT means she LOVES Veronica's CLOSET!

This plaque is a gift ordered by one of my OOMG girlfriends:) EVERYTIME she wants a gift...she comes to me and I LOVE her for it. I love her STILL for making my crazy week even CRAZIER (haha). This is for her parent's motorhome. She wanted a "thank-you" because accordong to her, they are FANTASTIC. Hope you LOVE it, Mr. & Mrs Miskus!

This order is going ALL the way out to Nevada. :) These were purchased through my Etsy shop and created to go with a pink, brown and green polka dot and butterfly themed room:) I do this style a lot...and they are BY far my favorite girly dividers because they always turn out SO cute! Hope you LOVE them Ashley!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NEW NEW NEW....Personalized STOOLS!

These have been THE BIG project over the past week. I had a customer email...she was in DIRE need of something cute for her 2 kiddos to "step up" on:) The old potty chair that doubled as a stool was no longer cuttin' it. She told me that Alyson LOVES pink and purple....and CARTER is an OSU fan (YAY CARTER!!). SO here's what I came up with...hope they LOVE them CHRIS!!!!!


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Can you imagine? How exciting! A customer named Leaighann emailed me asking if I could create something for her good friend who JUST gave birth to twins. We were anxiously awaiting on her hubby with the "stats" so that I could do coordinating BIRTH STAT plaques for the sweet baby boys!Almost as SOON as they were born, I got the email with the info....names, dates, weight, times....and I think they turned out ADORABLE!

Here is what the nusery looks like....turtle themed:)

AND here are the plaques! Hope she LOVES them, Leighann!
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Gigi's gift.

An old college roomie of mine and I recently became reacquainted...via Facebook, naturally! She needed something cute for her BFF who is getting ready to bring sweet "Gigi"...short for Giavanna...into the world. Jenn, as the gift giver, gave me a few specifics. She said her BFF HATED ladybugs, HAHA. SO I made sure to stay FAR away from those! Her theme is ballerina's...and polka dots. Her bedding is THIS from PBK....

AND so these were created. AND I hear she LOVES THEM:) ENJOY baby Gigi!

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Mod Monkeys.

This order was fun for me to create. The Momma-to-be took a more "modern/contemporary" approach to her soon-to-be son's room...and didn't really have a "theme" per say. Just some super cool bedding she picked out...along with a FABULOUS color scheme.

I did some closet dividers for baby's closet....and a large name plaque for his bedroom door. I think they turned out ADORABLE...hope you really like them Audra:)
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A Gabba Fan.

This plaque is very near and dear to my heart and I was SO excited when I got the notification in my Etsy shop that someone had purchased this! This is inpired by the show Yo Gabba Gabba...which pretty much ROCKS my OWN kids world. Apparantly Dylan loves it just as much. Itw as Mom's idea to have me paint "Yo Dylan Dylan" on it. How awesome is THAT?
I hope he LOVES it!

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Ladybug Love.

Do you love ladybugs as much as I do? This week I did a few things "ladybug" and I thin they turned out SO stinkin cute! This "Emma" plaque is an addition to a set of ladybug closet dividers I did as a shower gift. My cousin wanted me to create something after the baby was born that coordnated, since the parents-to-be were keeping the name a secret. Well baby Emma has arrived...and her name plaque is on the way!

These dividers were an Etsy shop order...the customer asked for something cute and girly...AND I hope she likes them as much as I DO!
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Sweet Chloe. Sweet Marlow.

This week I was happy to create 2 super sweet gift sets for 2 baby girls...sent to total opposite sides of the U.S. Chloe's Mommy wanted me to creat a name plaque and dividers for her new baby's nursery. She has the nursery all decked out in this Cocalo Jungle theme.

SO I came up with these:)

An old college friend contacted me on Facebook about creating something for her BFF and their baby Marlow. What a super cool and unique name, doncha think? She told me to do something sweet, something pink, something girly. Well, when you say sweet pink and girly, and fun to me...there MUST be leopard involved:) Here is her large name plaque and matching hair bow organizer for sweet Marlow's hair pretties:)

ENJOY Momma's!

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Busy summer...LOTS of new CREATIONS!

Hey everyone! I am doing something NEW and EXCITING with this blog! I have decided that I am going to upload each creation as I finish them...that way all of my fans and clients can get to enjoy them instantly and no one will miss a thing! I have been working HARD all summer and have had tons of orders! Veronica's Closet has been a HUGE success and I am having a great time "meeting" new customers from ALL over the U.S.A.! If you didn't know already, I opened an Etsy shop online for easier ordering. If you have never been on Etsy before, YOU Don't KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING! It's an amazing place with hundreds and thousands of artists from all over showcasing their work in their own little shop. You can get to mine by clicking here....VClosetCreations. I hope you like it! If you DO in fact live in town, please email me @ to place your custom order! Here is a peek at a few of the awesome creations I ahve done over the past few months....let me know what you think!