Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy summer...LOTS of new CREATIONS!

Hey everyone! I am doing something NEW and EXCITING with this blog! I have decided that I am going to upload each creation as I finish them...that way all of my fans and clients can get to enjoy them instantly and no one will miss a thing! I have been working HARD all summer and have had tons of orders! Veronica's Closet has been a HUGE success and I am having a great time "meeting" new customers from ALL over the U.S.A.! If you didn't know already, I opened an Etsy shop online for easier ordering. If you have never been on Etsy before, YOU Don't KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING! It's an amazing place with hundreds and thousands of artists from all over showcasing their work in their own little shop. You can get to mine by clicking here....VClosetCreations. I hope you like it! If you DO in fact live in town, please email me @ to place your custom order! Here is a peek at a few of the awesome creations I ahve done over the past few months....let me know what you think!

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