Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS:)

Busy busy busy with Christmas orders:) Email me at to talk about your next creation!
Here are a few hand painted SMALL name Plaques:)

HOW CUTE is this Holiday Plaque....created for 2 grandparents and their grandchildern's names are painted in the snowflakes!

2 Sports themed Name PLaques with Double Hooks...perfect for organizing those hoodies and robes!
These have been VERY popular lately...perfect for displaying artwork that your kiddos bring home!
These dividers I am SO excited about! A girl who owns a CUTE little boutique in Hawaii wanted me to create something for her store, RiLaLa! Here is a link to her store on Etsy.   HOPE you LOVE them Rina! You KNOW I need a picture so send on over!

A POPULAR choice....Jungle Closet Dividers.
2 ADORABLE Hair Bow Organizers for 2 ADORABLE little girls:) Thanks Jodi!

Here is a Hair bow organizer with a CLIP added to it....for infant headbands. 
Butterfly Closet Dividers....for my FAVORITE babysitter!
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My "Birth Stat" name plaques have been quite popular lately! It's fun to celebrate the birth of a baby....and it's NEVER too late to get one for your toddler either! Here are 3 gifts I created for a neighbor of mine...these come complete with full name, date of birth, and ALL of the important stats of your wee one!

Here is a peg rack that I created for another neighbor of mine. Her son Easton is all about sports.

This is an Etsy order. Custom Hair Bow Organizer plus Closet dividers make the PERFECT gift for a new baby!
Here is a plaque for some newlyweds:)
Some mini "Sass" plaques....
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AND here's something I made to hang in OUR OWN kitchen. I got the idea from a fellow Momma and it turned out perfect! NOW I have a place to hang all of the lovely art that comes home from Veronica (and CHARLOTTE soon...when SHE learns how to paint:)

Original artwork by Veronica NOT included;)

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