Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Toy Story plaque for the birthday boy Landon:) One of my OOF-ers placed a rush order on it:) which made me all sweaty and nervous as I was painting this! ;) Hope he loves it Stella!

Here is a gift ordered by college girlfriend of mine...her friend recently welcomed TWIN BOYS to the family! CONGRATS! According to Colette...Cassy is a "FALL FANATIC" so the holiday pumpkin plaque was a perfect match for her!
She has the Babies R US "Sweet Safari" them in her twins nursery (bedding shown below) here are some custom closet dividers to help her stay organized!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

This hair bow organizer is a custom order guessed it...a little Greek girl named Pantelia. This is her Greek. Isn't it sweet?
This is a Mini "Sass" Plaque for a sweet little princess:)
Here is a "Single Initial Plaque" done in blues and browns. I LOVE this!
Here is a custom plaque for Kya. A little twist with purples and dark pink. I think it turned out SUPER cute! Hope you love it Kya!
AND my favorite plaque of ALL TIME...a handpainted Yo Gabba plaque for's her birthday! Her Mommy ordered from my Etsy shop:) Have an AWESOOOOOOME birthday ABBY!
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Warning: CUTENESS ahead!

This was a gift I sent to a fellow "OOF-er" to brighten her week:) I just LOVE this holiday plaque and hope she does too! Where she NEVER snows. SO I thought to be fair I would "send" some her way! ;) Christmas is a few months away....but at least she will be prepared! ;)

Here are two custom plaques I created for two cutie bootie boys in the neighborhood. Their Momma wanted them for their bunks. MIles LOVES bubblegum...and Sam is into sharks, obviously. She was SO happy when she saw these! ENJOY!
This is a custom single initial hook plaque that I made for a BFF of mine. She is giving it as a gift...and here is the bedding she showed me. AND here is the plaque....
These are just a few Hair Bow Organizers I made to have in stock ready to personalize. If you like what you see... let me know! I can personalize it FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE:)
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Here is a set of dividers I made for an Etsy client. She is doing a "John Deere" inspired theme for her baby's nursery, and asked if I could create something special. I LOVE custom orders...and of course I said YES:) Here they are...

Lately I have been stepping OUT of my comfort zone and doing "sport" inspired things for  customers. THIS is for ONE FABULOUS OOF-er....GOOOOOOOO VIKINGS! HAHA! Hope you LOVE it. I think it turned out AWESOME!
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Friday, October 1, 2010

Fun for the Holidays.

So I have been into the seasonal stuff lately....and I thought I would do something SUPER fun for X-mas. WHat do you think?

Here is a custom oder for my BFF's sister LIsa. She has TWO adorable girls....Veronica (Roni) and Ali. Ali is EXTRA girly and loves pink, and stripes, and owls....I think I nailed this one! :)
Roni is a GROOVY girl and loves all things GROOVY.
Here are some dividers for my fellow OOF-er. What's an "OOF-er", you ask?? Well wouldn't YOU like to know;) They shipped out today Jillian...hope your bestie LOVES them!
Here's what the bedding loks like from PBK

Last but NOT least...a set of dividers for my FAVORITE babysitter:) I created something for her lake house this summer...and she was HOOKED! Pink-n-purple monkeys...TOO CUTE! ENJOY!
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