Friday, October 1, 2010

Fun for the Holidays.

So I have been into the seasonal stuff lately....and I thought I would do something SUPER fun for X-mas. WHat do you think?

Here is a custom oder for my BFF's sister LIsa. She has TWO adorable girls....Veronica (Roni) and Ali. Ali is EXTRA girly and loves pink, and stripes, and owls....I think I nailed this one! :)
Roni is a GROOVY girl and loves all things GROOVY.
Here are some dividers for my fellow OOF-er. What's an "OOF-er", you ask?? Well wouldn't YOU like to know;) They shipped out today Jillian...hope your bestie LOVES them!
Here's what the bedding loks like from PBK

Last but NOT least...a set of dividers for my FAVORITE babysitter:) I created something for her lake house this summer...and she was HOOKED! Pink-n-purple monkeys...TOO CUTE! ENJOY!
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  1. WOW!! Thank you so much!! I love the dividers. I love your work and I will be back for the boys dividers for sure.


    Ri Lala