Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sometimes I like to put little surprises in people's orders...and this was one of them. This belongs to a soon-to-be BIG SISTER Kiley:) I made some dividers (below) for her baby brother that's on the way and I just couldn't resist adding this in:)
Baby Asher has arrived:) a few months ago I created some dividers as a gift for this baby...and the client gave his mommy a "gift card" saying that when the baby was born...I would create a matching name plaque for him! Hope sweet Asher loves this Jill!
These were custom created for a Facebook friend:) She will be giving them as a gift...hope the Momma-to-Be loves them Heather!
This is a Birth Stat plaque created for a sweet sweet preemie...GOD BLESS this baby! Here is a picture of his nursery...
And here is his creation...complete with his birth stats!

A large hanpainted plaque for PRINCESS ABBEY!

AND a set of dividers to match this bedding!

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  1. Thanks again Mara! The closet dividers matched the bedding perfectly and K LOVED her surprise plaque. It is proudly hanging on her door now so that everyone knows it is her room! You are the best!

  2. You are SO VERY WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo