Friday, February 18, 2011

Here's a set of dividers I did as a shower gift:) The Momma to be has this nusery theme:

Here are two art displays I made as a trade...for what you ask? Hair bows of course! LIKE we need any MORE!! HAHA! There's always room for more hair bows...and if interested she makes other things as well. Her shop name is Giggles-n-Bows and here's the link to her Facebook page:)!/Giggles.n.Bows

Here is THE LARGEST set of dividers I have EVER DONE! This order is for Larissa...and baby Noah:) Hope they love the set Larissa! Here is the pic of the nursery....

AND MY NEW favorite set of dividers!! This was an Etsy order and I just LOVE THIS RIBBON with these.

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