Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brand New Year...

LOTS of new CREATIONS! Have a look at what's been happening in Veronica's Closet etsy shop has LOTS of great new items in it...and as always..if you need something completely custom please email me at!
2 HairBow holders for shower gifts...for 2 sweet sisters:)

Here are some Etsy orders....


This is a set I did for Kim for a shower she was going to. I hear it was a hit:)

Here is a special plaque I did for baby Berkeley. His Mom got a Veronica's Closet "gift card" from a friend. He suprised his parents with an early his nursery was put on hold for a bit! Mom is now out of the haze and decided that he needs a place to hang all of his baby voila! Here is his bedding...and here's what we came up with.

Hope you love it Leslie!



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